Coalition Building with the Local Christian Community

Certainly every Christian ought to be praying and working to nullify the abominable abortion law

Francis Schaeffer

Our passion and main focus is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to save unborn children from abortion. We know that we cannot do this alone, so we partner with the pro-life community in Memphis to build a strong support system and a unified force against the abortion industry! Some of Our Coalition Partners:


Updated 5/28/18
Project Details

Project Details

Updated 5/28/18

How your church can partner with the Coalition for Life



Prayer is the foundation of everything we do at the Coalition for Life. If you want to partner with us, please begin by praying for the ministry. Add us to your prayer list so that we can have prayer support as we work to end abortion in Memphis. Please contact us to begin partnering with the Coalition for Life! If you want to take your prayers a step further, organize a small group to take a few hours to pray at our year-round prayer vigil at the local abortion facility. You can sign up on the prayer vigil calendar to participate.


Sidewalk Outreach:

We have a team of wonderful volunteers who go through our training sessions to be certified as Sidewalk Advocates. These are the individuals who want to do more than pray, and are willing to volunteer their time to reach out to women in crisis pregnancies outside of the local clinic. We would love to have a representative from your church get certified and join our local team of Sidewalk Advocates. They can do so by attending one of our monthly training sessions. We also can schedule a training session at your church to facilitate more of your members getting certified at once!



Many Christians want to support pro-life efforts, but just do not know where to begin. If your Church has not been involved in supporting pro-life organizations or efforts, but would like to start now, we want to help get you started! The Coalition for Life wants to help educate local Christians on the best ways to get involved in ending abortion on the local level. Schedule our team to come speak to your congregation, small group, or youth group about abortion in Memphis, about the many wonderful pro-life organizations in this city and how the local churches can end  abortion in Memphis for good.