About Us

3,500 unborn babies are killed every year in Shelby County... How will the Church respond?

Memphis Coalition for Life was organized as a new independent nonprofit with a mission of seeing God end abortion in Memphis, TN, peacefully and prayerfully.

Memphis Coalition for Life’s heroic sidewalk advocates, and volunteers have helped over 800 women leave abortion and abortion-referral facilities with their children alive.

Memphis Coalition for Life is a rapidly growing, Christian, 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission of ending abortion peacefully and prayerfully. Together with the local body of Christ, Memphis Coalition for Life advocates and prayer partners have helped save hundreds of children from abortion since 2018 and have impacted thousands of men and women. Beginning in 2018, MCFL staff and volunteers began turning away mothers from certain abortions outside on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood in Memphis.

When Roe v. Wade ended, Tennessee banned abortion, but other states welcomed it. So, the fight to save lives has moved to new fronts. Former local abortion providers have now pivoted into full-fledged abortion-referral providers so that they can continue to profit off crisis pregnancies and sell abortions in other states. In 2023, Memphis Coalition for Life began turning away women from receiving abortion referrals in Memphis at Planned Parenthood and have now expanded outreach to a second abortion-referral facility in Memphis.


Jessie Wade

Executive Director

Daniel Weaver

Board President

Andrew Edmiston

Board Secretary

Isabella Gertsch

Board Member

Micah Newhouse

Board Member